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Participating in the rebirth of the Donizetti Theatre means believing in culture and in the moral value of beauty, two indispensable principles on which to build the wider development of the region. Culture and beauty are values that belong to the history of our Country: they mean knowledge, passion, creativity, and so potentially growth. Succeeding in highlighting them by putting them at the heart of every choice, means creating a fertile ground planted with hope for the future and quality of life, above all for the generations to come. A land rich in connections, opportunities and development of the heart of Bergamo beyond the Mura – the old town walls. The city of Bilbao has for example strategically chosen culture as the real driver of its economy. By investing in the futuristic Guggenheim Museum, designed by the great architect Frank Gehry, it has in just seven years recovered its costs 18 times over. There are numerous international examples of relaunch and redevelopment that have used culture as the catalyst for change.

Progettare il futuro

Anyone can contribute to the rebirth of the Donizetti Theatre through a variety of methods (donations, sponsoring events, buying advertising space etc.) and, unless they choose to remain anonymous, receive visibility proportionate to the amount given.

The culture of donating is the culture of giving freely, but that does not make it wrong to encourage and reward those who give. It is a principle adopted not just by the Foundation but also by the State, which recently reinforced its practical application. The Foundation, as aforementioned, will give all contributors appropriate and important rewards in terms of visibility, according to the sums donated. Naturally, this does not apply to those who wish to remain anonymous, or in any case do not wish to publicise their gesture. The encouragement of the State, fruit of very recent legislation, takes the form of two kinds of tax breaks designed to boost the support for culture.

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