The foundation is non-profit. It aims to promote art and culture, supporting the diffusion of music and of theatrical activities, as well as the consequent education of the collective, stimulating the citizens, and in particular the young, to have formative and growth-encouraging cultural experiences and journeys. The Foundation promotes supports and amplifies the activities of the Donizetti Theatre, taking on the primary responsibility of bringing the Theatre back to a fully functioning state.

Gli organi della Fondazione


Giorgio Gori, mayor of Bergamo. He is the legal representative of the Body, and is largely responsible for the relationships with Bodies, Institutions and Public Enterprises (from art. 14 of the Statute)

Revisore legale:

Dott. Riccardo Fidanzio

Consiglio di Amministrazione:

Presidente Dott. Giorgio Gori

Consigliere Delegato Dott. Valerio Marabini

Vice Presidente Dott.ssa Giovanna Ricuperati

Consigliere Avv. Omar Hegazi

Consigliere Prof.ssa Donatella Moltrasio

Il Consiglio di Amministrazione agisce sulla base degli atti fondamentali approvati dal Consiglio d’Indirizzo. In particolare, tra l’altro, stabilisce gli indirizzi di gestione economica e finanziaria della Fondazione, e ne verifica l’andamento; delega, ove opportuno, a uno o più dei suoi componenti particolari funzioni; ha ogni potere per l’amministrazione ordinaria e straordinaria della Fondazione (dall’art. 15 dello Statuto).

Consiglio dei donatori:

Chairman Dott. Giorgio Gori

Deputy Councillor Cavaliere del Lavoro Ing. Domenico Bosatelli

Councillor Cristina Bombassei

Councillor Rag. Gianni Pagnoncelli

Councillor Roberto Sestini

Councillor Rag. Osvaldo Ranica

Councillor dott. Emilio Bellingardi

Councillor Maurizio Radici

Commercial Councillor Angelo Piazzoli

The Steering Board defines the Foundation’s strategies to fulfil its mission. It adopts the necessary deliberations for the life of the Foundation, therefore establishing objectives and verifying the results of the management (art. 12 of the Statute).

Lo statuto

The “Donizetti Theatre Bergamo Foundation” is a Foundation of Participation of Private Law. This allows it to be managed in a way that saves a lot of time and makes budgeting more predictable.

The presence of the public sector is guaranteed by the Chairmanship attributed to the mayor of Bergamo. Anyone can join the Foundation: Enterprises, Public bodies, Foundations, Associations, Professional orders and individual citizens.

The foundation is seeking to raise the funds needed from all of the above categories.

La storia del teatro

The Donizetti Theatre of Bergamo was inaugurated in 1791 as the Riccardi Theatre, after the name of its builder. It was the first brick built theatre in the town and one of the first in Italy. Its main hall is among the largest on a national level. In the early eighteen hundreds it was rebuilt after a fire destroyed in 1797.

In 1897, the Riccardi Theatre became the Theatre Gaetano Donizetti: its façade was renewed and its interiors were enriched by the airy fresco of mythological figures on its vault, the work of Francesco Domeneghini, decorator of theatres famed the world over.

In addition to traditional plays the Donizetti Theatre is home to new types of entertainment too, cinematography. In the nineteenth century, it continued to offer plays and lyrical operas, often with the day’s best conductors and singers.

From 1946 further completion and renovation works were carried out. In the early sixties, the Theatre closed for very important works. It officially reopened to the public on October 10th 1964. The latest emergency works dated back to 1982, when the entrance foyer was built.